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Software tool which supports one or more tasks in the AUTOSAR methodology. Depending on the supported tasks, an AUTOSAR tool can act as an AUTOSAR authoring tool, an AUTOSAR converter tool, an AUTOSAR processor tool or as a combination of those.


According to the AUTOSAR-paradigm "Common standard, concurring implementations", several software suppliers offer software implementations of the AUTOSAR standard. Some of the suppliers of AUTOSAR standard software are:

Implementer BSW/MCAL Implementation BSW Configurator RTE Generator System Tooling License
ArcCore Arctic Core - Open source AUTOSAR BSW Builder RTE Builder SWC Builder and Extract Builder GPL (Arctic Core and base version of Arctic Studio) / Commercial licenses available for all products
Continental Engineering Services Yes Yes Yes Yes Commercial
dSPACE No No SystemDesk RTE Generator SystemDesk Commercial
wikipedia:Elektrobit EB Tresos AutoCore EB Tresos Studio EB Tresos studio No Commercial
ETAS Yes Yes RTA ISOLAR-A Commercial
Freescale Yes No Yes Unknown Commercial
Dassault Systèmes No GCE RTEG AAT Commercial
Hyundai-Autron Yes Yes Yes Yes Commercial
wikipedia:KPIT Technologies Ltd. K-SAR Suite K-SAR Editor Yes K-SAR Editor Commercial
wikipedia:Mecel Yes Yes Yes Unknown Commercial. (Acquired by Mentor Graphics) [1], News link. Mentor Graphics acquires Mecel Picea AUTOSAR Development Suite.
Mentor Graphics Volcano VSTAR Volcano VSTAR Volcano VSTAR Volcano Vehicle Systems Architect Commercial
OpenSynergy COQOS (OS and BSW Scheduler only) COQOS COQOS No Commercial
wikipedia:Renesas Electronics Yes No No No Commercial
wikipedia:see4sys Yes Yes Yes ECU-Designer Commercial
Vector Informatik GmbH MICROSAR DaVinci Configurator Pro MICROSAR Rte Generator PREEvision / DaVinci Developer Commercial