Development Interface Agreement

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Development Interface Agreement is a document that defines interfaces and documents between customer and supplier.It is required for safey related systems according to ISO 26262:

  1. the appointment of the customer’s and the supplier’s safety managers,
  2. the joint tailoring of the safety lifecycle in accordance with ISO 26262-2:2011, 6.4.5,
  3. the activities and processes to be performed by the customer and the activities and processes to be performed by the supplier,
  4. the information and the work products to be exchanged,
    NOTE 1 This includes an agreement on the documentation to be provided for the completion of the customer's and supplier's safety cases.
    NOTE 2 The information exchanged includes the safety-related special characteristics.
    NOTE 3 In the case of a distributed development, the relevant parts of the work products necessary for the activities of the development parties involved can be identified and exchanged.
  5. the parties or persons responsible for the activities,
  6. the communication of the target values, derived from the system level targets, to each relevant party in order for them to meet the target values for single-point faults metric and latent faults metric in accordance with the evaluation of the hardware architectural metrics and the evaluation of safety goal violations due to random hardware failures (see ISO 26262-5), and
  7. the supporting processes and tools, including interfaces, to assure compatibility between customer and supplier.