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In the AUTOSAR sense an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) means a microcontroller plus peripherals with corresponding software. For software configuration each microcontroller requires its own ECU Configuration.

There are many different ECUs working inside a vehicle as the following list of examples shows:

Abbr. Full name German full name
ABS Anti-Lock Brake System Anti Blockiersystem

Adaptive Cruise Control


Active Front Steering
Advanced Frontlighting System


Body Control Module
Brake Control Module

BJB Battery Junction Box
BMS Battery Management System
CCM Climate Control Module Klima-Steuergerät
CMC Cell Module Controller
ECM Engine Control Module
EPAS Electronic Power Assisted Steering
ESC, ESP Electronic Stability Control (Program) Elektronisches Stabilitätsprogramm
(E)SCL (Electronic) Steering Column Lock ELV = Elektronische Lenkverriegelung
EMS Engine Management System Motormanagement
ESS Energy Storage System
HU Head Unit
SBC Sensoric Brake Control Elektrohydraulisches Bremssystem
IPC Instrument Panel Cluster
LSM Light Switch Module
PAM Park Assist Module Parkassistent
PDC Park Distance Control
RSM Rain Sensor Module
TBM Trailer Brake Module
TRM Trailer Module
TCS Traction Control System

ECUs might also be grouped into

  • Powertrain
  • Chassis
  • Body
  • Multi Media
  • etc.